Virtual Performance Solution

VPS computing, visualization and collaboration

Virtual Performance Solution

ESI Cloud offers ESI’s flagship Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) for multi-domain performance simulation as a hybrid offering on its cloud platform. With this offering, users can harness the power of Virtual Performance Solution, leading multi-domain CAE solution for virtual engineering of crash, safety, comfort, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), acoustics, stiffness and durability. Read more

In this hybrid model, users utilize VPS on their desktop for modeling including geometry, meshing and simulation set up. ESI Cloud is then used for high performance computing with an integrated visualization and real time collaboration offering through a web browser.

The benefits of VPS hybrid on ESI Cloud include:

  • Running large concurrent simulations on demand
  • On demand access to scalable and secured cloud HPC resources
  • Three tiered security strategy for your data
  • Visualization of large simulation data sets
  • Real-time browser based visualization and collaboration
  • Time and cost reduction for data transfer between cloud and desktop environments
  • Support, consulting, and training services with ESI’s engineering teams

VPS On Demand

ESI Cloud features the Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) enabling engineers to analyze and test products, components, parts or material used in different engineering domains including crash and high velocity impact, occupant safety, NVH and interior acoustics, static and dynamic load cases. The solution enables VPS users to overcome hardware limitations and to drastically reduce their simulation time by running on demand very large concurrent simulations that take advantage of the flexible nature of cloud computing. Read more

Key solution capabilities:

  • Access to various physics for multi-domain optimization
  • Flexible hybrid model from desktop to cloud computing
  • On demand provisioning of hardware resources
  • Distributed parallel processing using MPI (Message Passing Interface) protocol
  • Distributed parallel computing with 10 Gb/s high speed interconnects

Introduction to the Hybrid VPS Solution

Result visualization

ESI Cloud deploys both client-side and server-side rendering technologies. This enables the full interactivity needed during the simulation workflow along with the ability to handle large data generated for 3D result visualization in the browser, removing the need for time consuming data transfers. Additionally ESI Cloud visualization engine enables the comparisons of different results through a multiple window user interface design. Read more

Key result visualization capabilities:

  • CPU or GPU based client and server side rendering
  • Mobility with desktop like performance through the browser
  • 2D/3D VPS contour plots and animations
  • Custom multi-window system for 2D plots and 3D contours
  • Zooming, panning, rotating, and sectioning of multiple windows



To enable real time multi-user and multi company collaboration, ESI Cloud offers extensive synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities. Several users can view the same project, interact with the same model results, pass control from one to another. Any markups, discussions or annotations can be archived for future reference or be assigned as tasks to other members of the team. Read more

Key collaboration capabilities:

  • Data, workflow or project asynchronous collaboration
  • Multi-user, browser based collaboration for CAD, geometry, mesh and results models
  • Real-time design review with notes, annotations and images archiving and retrieval
  • Email invite to non ESI Cloud users for real time collaboration

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