Cloud platform

Scalable, multi-tenant and secured Platform

Cloud platform

ESI Cloud Platform is a reliable, scalable, multitenant and secure SaaS Platform designed to deliver advanced engineering simulation in the cloud. The Platform is open with service-oriented architecture and flexibility to introduce proprietary or open source geometry, meshing, physics solvers, or visualization engines. ESI Cloud Platform includes three modules: the Modeling, Collaboration and Cloud services modules. Read more

Key platform capabilities:

  • Accessible in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE (11.0 or higher) browsers without downloads or plug-ins
  • Interactive workflow dashboard for data, project and task management
  • Integrated environment including geometry, meshing, solver, results with visualization, workflow management and collaboration capabilities
  • Ability to generate templates and best practices to improve usability and reduce the learning curve
  • A secure multitenant architecture for channels, companies, users, projects and jobs
  • Fully scalable and seamlessly enabling distributed processing over multiple clusters
  • Interactive user environment efficiently handling large modeling or results data
  • Real time collaboration with annotations, archiving and retrieval capabilities
  • Full access to usage data and analytics with ability for self-administration


To improve ease of use and to enhance modeling capabilities, ESI Cloud offers extensive geometry modeling, CAD import and clean up capabilities. The capabilities are fully enabled in a web browser with ability to support 3rd party geometry engines. Read more

Key geometry capabilities:

  • Import of proprietary, neutral and tessellated CAD formats for single bodies or assemblies
  • Detection of geometric defects with technology for geometry repair
  • Detection and removal of geometry features
  • Surface stitching operations on surfaces and Boolean operations on solids
  • Extraction of Geometry Surface wrapping



To ensure accuracy of the simulation and coverage of various physics, ESI Cloud offers different meshing solutions including Carnegie Melon University’s Bubble meshing. The platform supports very complex geometries with meshes over 120 million elements. Read more

Key meshing capabilities:

  • 2D (plane and axisymmetric) and 3D meshing solutions
  • Automatic Tetrahedral and Hex-dominant meshing with boundary layer resolution
  • Multi layered, volume, proximity and curvature based refinement
  • Surface and volume mesh controls with mesh quality reporting metrics
  • Surface and interior mesh cutting plane views
  • APIs to support additional meshing engines


Solutions & Physics

Currently ESI Cloud supports ESI’s flagship Virtual Performance Solution for crash, safety, comfort and NVH modeling. In addition, ESI Cloud features OpenFOAM, the open source computational fluid dynamics solver, developed by ESI-OpenCFD. Read more

Key modeling solution and solver capabilities:

  • Complete model setup and preprocessing controls for CFD applications
  • Real time 2D CFD convergence plots for several variables with time and load step
  • Support of different solver architectures including file and database
  • APIs to enable rapid integration of solvers



ESI Cloud offers web-based results visualization of very large simulation models eliminating the time and cost associated with downloading data to the desktop. Read more

Key results capabilities:

  • Post processing and co-processing of multiple result files
  • Concurrent multi solver result visualization of both ESI and 3rd party result files
  • Rendering of 3D images and streamed animations with no plug-ins
  • Parallel rendering of large result files
  • Ability to render on both CPUs and GPUs


Workflow and Simulation Management

Workflow management is a key capability of ESI Cloud designed to enhance user productivity by reducing the learning curve and enabling the definition and sharing of best practices. The workflow is visual and covers end-to-end modeling from geometry to meshing, solver and results. Read more

Key workflow capabilities:

  • Workflow replay and re-use for a new shape/design enabling rapid modeling
  • Branching and cloning of workflow and copying/pasting of nodes
  • Easy launch and management of several simultaneous jobs
  • Alerts and color codes progress indicators in each workflow node
  • Access control for secure collaboration on a single node or entire workflow



To improve efficiency and user experience, ESI Cloud deploys both client-side and server-side rendering technologies. This enables the full interactivity needed during the simulation workflow along with the ability to handle large data generated for 3D visualization in the browser. Read more

Key visualization capabilities:

  • Custom multi-window system for 2D plots and 3D images
  • Ability to stream animations in the browser without any plug-ins
  • Desktop like performance through the browser
  • CPU or GPU based client and server side rendering

Real Time Collaboration

To improve customer support and enable real time multi-user and multi company collaboration, ESI Cloud offers extensive synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities. Read more

Key collaboration capabilities:

  • Data, workflow or project asynchronous collaboration
  • Multi-user, browser based collaboration for CAD, geometry, mesh and results models
  • Real-time design review with notes, annotations and images archiving and retrieval
  • Email invite to non ESI Cloud users for real time collaboration


Data, Task, Project Sharing

ESI Cloud allows multiple users to contribute to a given task or project. Users can choose a step in the workflow to share or have multiple engineers work on the same project. Read more

Key sharing capabilities:

  • Multi-user and real-time sharing
  • Sharing a particular step or the entire simulation workflow
  • Ability to share results through browser without data transfer


To ensure transparency and facilitate billing and budgeting, ESI Cloud offers users extensive analysis of their usage data. The analytics capabilities are being extended to evaluate product efficiency to improve user experience and provide relevant functionalities on the Cloud Platform. Read more

Key analytics capabilities:

  • Usage data presented for the entire Company or for account administrator
  • Usage data presented at Job, Project and Node levels (various CAE functions)
  • Usage data available to the user for budgeting and planning purposes



ESI Cloud features a three-tiered security strategy ensuring that your data is accessible only to you or those you explicitly grant access to. The layers include our SOA architecture, data encryption, and our choice of AWS as a hosting solution. The Platform supports enterprise IT compliance with standard ports, SSL with the data being completely secure at rest, in transit and while running jobs. Read more

Key security capabilities:

  • Service Oriented Architecture with no direct or indirect access to outside world other than through browser login
  • Data segregation and authorization feature to protect your data
  • All end points at the browser protected by SSL
  • AWS compliance and backed by industry certifications