Computational Fluid Dynamics Solutions

End to end CFD in the cloud

Computational Fluid Dynamics Solutions


Introduction to the Cloud Platform

ESI Cloud offers the engineering community a comprehensive end-to-end computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution on its cloud platform. The solution is fully accessible through a web browser with a subscription based pricing and includes geometry, meshing, solver and visualization engines with synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities. Read more

The benefits of CFD simulation on ESI Cloud include:

  • Integrated browser based end-to-end modeling environment
  • Running large concurrent simulations on demand
  • Visualization of large simulation data sets on demand
  • Real-time browser based collaboration
  • Cost and time reduction for data transfer between cloud and desktop environments
  • Support, consulting and training services by ESI’s engineering teams

Import and Simplification

ESI Cloud offers an integrated geometry engine that is optimized for performing CAE simulations. The geometry import service supports import of various CAD, neutral or tessellated formats with integrated geometry repair functionality. Read more

Key geometry import capabilities:

  • Support of CATIA, NX, Creo/ProE, Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, IGES and STL formats
  • Automatic and manual repair functionalities to clean and heal imported geometries
  • Gaps, bad intersections, overlapping geometry, sliver surface removal
  • Export of Parasolid model representation at any stage of the workflow


Editing and Extraction

The geometry engine also supports manual editing of imported CAD data. ESI Cloud users can create primitive geometries and extract CAD data for setting internal and external flow simulations. Additionally a surface wrapper that coverts CAD surfaces with a tessellated surface wrap is available. Read more

Key geometry editing and extraction capabilities:

  • Basic geometry creation including merging and Boolean operations
  • Selection and removal of constraint edges, fillets, holes, steps, grooves and logos
  • Surface wrapper for complete model, individual bodies or selected faces

Meshing capabilities

ESI Cloud offers the patented technology from the physics based Bubble Meshing algorithm from Carnegie Mellon University. The state of the art meshing engine supports multiple mesh types applicable to CFD simulations including boundary layer creation. Upon completion, mesh statistics are reported to evaluate mesh quality. Read more

Key meshing capabilities:

  • Fully automated Tetrahedral, conformal and non-conformal Hex dominant meshing
  • Support for planar and axisymmetric geometries
  • Boundary layer meshing
  • Mesh controls such as element size controls, curvature based, volumetric refinement but also tensor guided meshing and directionality/anisotropy
  • Mesh quality statistics including orthogonality, aspect ratio, face normal angle, warpage and jacobians

Introduction to Meshing

OpenFOAM solver

ESI Cloud features OpenFOAM, the open source computational fluid dynamics solver developed by ESI-OpenCFD. The solution offers a wide range of modeling options including compressible and incompressible flows. With its proprietary HPC layer, ESI Cloud enables distributed parallel processing allowing large concurrent simulations to run on demand in the cloud. Read more

Key solution capabilities:

  • Support of both proprietary or open source version of OpenFOAM
  • Compressible and incompressible flows, single or multiple rotating frames, porous media, heat transfer, naval resistance and sea keeping solver options
  • Distributed parallel processing using MPI (Message Passing Interface) protocol
  • Distributed parallel computing with 10 Gb/s high speed interconnects
  • On demand provisioning of hardware resources

Introduction to the OpenFOAM Solver

Result visualization

ESI Cloud deploys both client-side and server-side rendering technologies. This optimizes between full interactivity needed during the simulation workflow and the ability to handle large data generated for 3D visualization in the browser. Additionally ESI Cloud visualization engine enables the comparisons of different results and data types through a multiple window user interface design. Read more

Key result visualization capabilities:

  • CPU or GPU based client and server side rendering
  • Desktop like performance through the web browser
  • Ability to stream animations in the browser without any plug-ins
  • 2D/3D contour plots, streamlines, glyphs, iso-surfaces visualization
  • Custom multi-window system for 2D plots and 3D images
  • Zooming, panning, rotating and sectioning of multiple windows



To enable real time multi-user and multi company collaboration, ESI Cloud offers extensive synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities. Several users can view the same project, interact with the same model, pass control from one to another. Any markups, discussions or annotations can be archived for future reference or be assigned as tasks to other members of the team. Read more

Key collaboration capabilities:

  • Data, workflow or project asynchronous collaboration
  • Multi-user, browser based collaboration for CAD, geometry, mesh and results models
  • Real-time design review with notes, annotations and images archiving and retrieval
  • Email invite to non ESI Cloud users for real time collaboration


Support of Multiple Data Types

Additionally ESI Cloud supports the visualization of multiple data types from other commercial CFD or standard FEA solvers including Fluent®, Star-CCM®, Flow3D®, CGNS Read more

  • Ansys® and Ansys® Fluent® are trademarks of Ansys Inc.
  • Star-CCM® is a trademark of CD-Adapco
  • Flow3D® is a trademark of Flow Sciences Inc.

Workflow Management

Workflow management is a key capability of ESI Cloud designed to enhance user productivity by reducing the learning curve, increasing automation, reducing time and complexity, and enabling the definition and sharing of best practices. The workflow is visual and covers end-to-end modeling from geometry to meshing, solver and results visualization. Read more

Key workflow capabilities:

  • Workflow replay and re-use for a new shape/design enabling rapid modeling
  • Branching and cloning of workflows and copying/pasting of nodes
  • Easy launching and management of several simultaneous jobs
  • Alerts and color codes progress indicators in each workflow node
  • Access control for secure collaboration on a single node or entire workflow

Introduction to Workflow in the Cloud

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