Data Analytics

Integrated Machine Learning and Visualization

Data Analytics

ESI MINESET enables interactive exploration of data through an advanced suite of visual tools for faster discovery of meaningful trends and cause-effect relationships. The solution is fully accessible through a web browser with a subscription based pricing and includes integrated Visualization and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms with collaboration capabilities. Read more

The benefits of Predictive Analytics on ESI Cloud include:

  • Integrated browser-based end-to-end analytics environment
  • Easy-to-use interface for creating and interacting with ML models
  • Browser-based collaboration at various levels
  • Cost and time reduction for data transfer between cloud and desktop environments
  • Support, consulting and training services by ESI’s engineering teams
  • On-premise installation available.


ESI Cloud features MINESET Predictive Analytics Solution enabling users to understand their data, discover patterns, predict outcomes, and prescribe actions. The solution enables users without a background in data science to quickly and easily comprehend the relationships inherent in the data and create actionable insights. Engineers can use MINESET as an advanced post-processor to simulation results to understand the interplay of input to output variables for better simulation setup and design. MINESET reveals which inputs have the biggest influence on the response variable and quantifies the impact of the value ranges on the overall outcome. Read more

Key solution capabilities:

  • Integrated Machine Learning and Visualization
  • Interactive Design-Space Exploration
  • Simulation results analysis

Short tutorial showcasing the basic features of ESI Mineset

Big Data

ESI Mineset supports interactive access to Big Data through a unique blend of Spark(tm)-based functionality to ingest, distribute, transform and aggregate large numbers of records. In addition, through Spark(tm), Mineset provides fast visual results from common ML algorithms and statistics in an off-the-shelf manner.
With our private cloud installations, users can interactively plot, filter and analyze millions of rows and hundreds of columns in a user-friendly manner within seconds of accessing the data. Read more

• Make Big Data instantly accessible to ML
• Ad-hoc analytics without scripting
• Access and plot HDFS data natively


ESI Mineset: Analyzing Big Data


MINESET enables interactive exploration of data through an advanced suite of visual tools for faster discovery of meaningful trends and relationships. Synchronized drill-through techniques are used to reveal patterns over critical dimensions such as time.

Visualization capabilities:

  • A variety of plotting and charting options
  • Visualization is the User Interface to machine learning models
  • Interactive and cross-visualization highlighting, selecting and filtering

Introduction to Visualization, Selection and Filtering capabilites within Mineset

Machine Learning

Beneath the elegant interfaces of the visual tools, powerful analytic data mining algorithms build comprehensive models. Our solutions put the user in the driver seat for the human-in-the-loop iterative analytics process.

  • Machine Learning made accessible
  • Discover new insights and predict outcomes
  • Prescribe actions with confidence
  • Actionable results within minutes - no programming needed

This video showcases the What-If (Naive Bayes classifier) feature within ESI Mineset



Tutorial on Design Exploration of Simulation Data with Mineset

Design Space Exploration

ESI brings the power of artificial intelligence into the hands of engineers as an optimization and simulation data post-processing and analysis aid. The visual analytics options presented by ESI MINESET allow users to reveal relationships among input factors and their effects on response variables, and rapidly explore the effects of design alternatives.

  • Reveal which inputs have the largest influence on the response variable
  • Quantify the impact of the parameter values on the overall outcome
  • Characterize the input variables leading to either positive or negative outcomes
  • Provide a holistic and integrated view of the any and all stages of the design process


To enable collaboration, ESI MINESET offers several sharing options. Multiple users can view the same dataset, interact with the same visualizations, and create annotated stories based on individual visualizations. In addition, MINESET offers read-only versions of the visuals that can be shared with anyone. Visualizations, selections and models are automatically saved until the next login. Read more

Key collaboration capabilities:

  • Multi-user, browser-based sharing of data, visualizations, ML and selections
  • Ability to create annotated stories with results from different projects
  • Email invite to non ESI Cloud users for read-only access
  • Export to PPT, SVG and image
  • Collaborate at the dataset or visualization level
  • Subscription Term
  • Number of users
  • Data Size
  • Distributed processing
  • Storage
  • Visualization
  • ML capabilities
  • Sharing


  • Subscription Term14-day trial
  • Number of usersOne
  • Data Size32MB, up to 10 datasets
  • Distributed processingUp to 4 cores per job
  • StorageUp to 320 MB
  • Visualization
  • ML capabilitiesBasic
  • Sharing


  • Subscription TermMonthly or Annual Subscription
  • Number of usersOne
  • Data Size256 MB
  • Distributed processingUnlimited (pay-per-use)
  • StorageUp to 32 GB
  • Visualization
  • ML capabilitiesBasic
  • Sharing


  • Subscription TermMonthly or Annual Subscription
  • Number of usersOne or Multi
  • Data SizeUnlimited*
  • Distributed processingUnlimited (pay-per-use)
  • StorageUnlimited*
  • Visualization
  • ML capabilitiesAdvanced
  • Sharing


  • Subscription FeeAnnual Subscription
  • Number of usersUnlimited*
  • Data SizeUnlimited*
  • Distributed processingUnlimited*
  • StorageUnlimited*
  • Visualization
  • ML capabilitiesAdvanced
  • Sharing

                                                                          *depending on system configuration (disk space, RAM, etc.) 

Special Offer

Not only are we offering a free trial, but we are also providing an opportunity for you to win the following:

  • An extended free trial account to MINESET for 30 days
  • 5 hours of expert consultation about your use case and the data available
  • Guidance on using and interpreting MINESET results


To qualify, you must complete this application, have clean tabular data already available (csv or excel), and be ready for a joint marketing opportunity. All we are looking for are select few individuals to take advantage of the special offer in exchange for user experience and feedback!