ESI Cloud

Cloud Based Virtual Engineering Solutions


ESI Cloud offers designers and engineers cloud-based computer aided engineering (CAE) solutions across physics and engineering disciplines. ESI Cloud combines ESI's industry tested virtual engineering solutions integrated onto ESI's Cloud Platform with browser based modeling, visualization, and real-time collaboration tools.

With ESI Cloud users can choose from two basic usage models:

  1. An end-to-end SaaS model: Where modeling, multi-physics solving, results visualization and collaboration are conducted in the cloud through a web browser.
  2. A Hybrid model: Where modeling is done on desktop with solve, visualization and collaboration done in the cloud through a web browser.

ESI Cloud users will enjoy the following benefits:



CAE solutions extensively used across industries by OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers



Cloud hosted with browser based user interface accessible anywhere



Flexible software and hardware offering with pay as you go pricing



Templates and workflows for enhanced productivity



Real-time multi-user collaboration with data, project and workflow sharing



Multiple layers of security to data protection based on strict industry standards